Essential information about your stay


Check-in expected from 14:00 pm
If the rooms are ready before the scheduled check-in time on the day of arrival, they can be assigned in advance.

Check-out expected from 7:30 am to 11:00 am
If the departure is scheduled before 7:30 am, payment must be made the previous day before 11,00 pm.

For those who need it, a free luggage storage is available.


Accepted payments with VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, PAGOBANCOMAT, CARTASI credit cards and cash payment.
Bank and postal checks are not accepted.

Tourist tax:

The tourist tax is € 2.50 for the main structure classified 3 stars, and € 1.50 for the annex classified as 2 stars.
Amount to be calculated per person and per night, and is applied up to a maximum of 5 nights per person / per month.
For any exemptions click here  (read for more details).


All extra payments such as breakfasts, lunches, bar drinks etc. they can be paid directly to the cashier or debited to the room account.

Rental bikes:

Possibility of free bike rental by filling out the “disclaimer form” available at the hotel reception.


To make a reservation, it is recommended to use our online booking system, to obtain an advantageous price and to have the possibility of free cancellation within 5 days of arrival.


Minors can only stay if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Terms of Cancellation

In case of cancellation of the reservation, the notice must be received within 5 days prior to the arrival date, unless otherwise agreements.
Otherwise, a penalty equal to the amount of the first night value, will be applied or any deposit paid will be retained.

For more information, we are at your disposal at the following contacts:

Telephone: +39.045.8352615
or by e-mail to:

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