Edoardo Bennato Show

Peter Pan Rock’n’Roll Tour 2020

2020 will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary “Sono solo canzonette”, the album that consecrated Bennato’s success by bringing him, the first in Italy, to fill the stadiums with his concerts. Even today Edoardo continues to say what he likes with the lyrics of the new songs, such as “I took a selfie”, a catchphrase of the summer just passed, or on stage, during his live shows that always touch three hours of pure energy.
With determination, passion and a great desire to still drag the public, the new live project Rockin ‘with Peter Pan on Tour 2020 was born, a tour between March and April 2020 in the most prestigious theaters in Italy. A concert with a high rock & blues content: from the songs from the album “Sono solo canzonette” to the great classics of Bennato.
On stage the B Band, the well-established formation, formed by Giuseppe Scarpato (guitars), Raffaele Lopez (keyboards), Gennaro Porcelli (guitars), Arduino Lopez (bass), Roberto Perrone (drums). And the Quartetto Flegreo completes the picture of great music.